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Summer in Seattle, hotter than hell! 97 degrees!

August 4th, 2014

Just checking in with you, how is your summer going? I hope FANTASTICALLY. How about this heat?

I accidentally went to Denny Blaine Park, because I couldn't find Madrona Beach. I was delirious from the heat, and my AC in the car, has never worked. I don't mind it, except these few hot days, when it's unhealthy to be in a car in the city without air conditioning.

Having stopped by  the High Spot for an iced coffee, and was told it was too late. After 4 they clean the machine. Shucks!

Did you know it's really wild there during the week? At Denny Blaine Park.   Nude sunbathers, lesbians in all their wild varieties, and tattoo art that out does and boggles the imagination of any swinging metro sexual.   Lots of groovy pit bulls, (such nice dogs to swim with), but no cats, I noticed.  A nude man picking blackberries off the bush at the edge of a small cliff, and dropping them occasionally into receptive, nubile, beauties opened mouths.   Everyone appearing to finally be having the fun they need. The police do not come by, and marijuana is in the air!

It was so hot, I didn't care. Normally, I'm a bit fussy, but I set my blanket, and pillows and unwrapped my new kick board that I picked up at Grocery Outlet for $3.99 and it was heavenly! Do you swim? If not, get a kick board and just hang out in the lake. I met some charming Hispanic fellows in the lake, from Mexico. Water makes us all blend so sweetly.

Let's get together if you're still here. Maybe for a cup a coffee for lunch, I'm dieting.  Like you did at one time?

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