Julie Cascioppo

International Cabaret Chanteuse

Festa Italiana
Sunday, September 24th 11:00am

Pavillion at Seattle Center (Free!)

Thursday, October 5th 9:00pm-Midnight

900 Madison, No Cover

Egan's Ballard Jam House
Saturday October 28th 7:00pm-8:30pm

$10 call for reservations
1707 NW Market in Ballard, 206 789-1621

Julie coaches privately, both professionals, intermediates and beginners. She teaches singing and the art of learning songs at North Seattle College.

Study with Julie and free your inner entertainer. Everything Julie's learned in her varied career, she can teach you.

When she's not on her overseas tours she holds private clinics in "freeing your inner entertainer" through American Music. As a vocal coach, she teaches song interpretations and how to overcome stage fright.

" If you focus on what you're doing," she says, "you won't be self conscious. Focus on the context of what you're saying. You have to have an emotional connection with yourself first, then you can have it with your audience. You can't be only about you and only in your own head, you have to be sharing that. It's what makes some performances magic."

Even if your own musical aspirations go no further than the next karaoke night, she'll teach valuable lessons about personal presence and self-confidence you can use in every aspect of your life.

Discover Your Hidden Vocal Talents!

Julie will be teaching at North Seattle Community College's Continuing Education program! Visit and register for sessions beginning April 27!

Download Julie's Resume (PDF)

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